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1.1. We are postcom inc chicago il We maintain and manage website etiopix .com, for the purposes of this policy,
1.2. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and use your personal information when you visit www.ok.ru (including through mobile version or our mobile apps (including our iPhone, Android and WP apps) (hereinafter the Site) and the choices available to you in connection with our use of your personal information (the Privacy Policy). This Privacy Policy should be read alongside, and in addition to, our Site terms and conditions (accessible online (Terms) and our Cookie Policy (accessible online at https://etiopix.com). In case of any contradictions between terms and conditions of processing your personal information contained in this Privacy Policy and the Terms, this Privacy Policy will prevail.
2. This Privacy Policy
2.1. By making available the Site and its services (hereinafter the Site Services) we, acting reasonably and in good faith, believe that you:
(a) have all necessary rights to register on and use this Site;
(b) provide true information about yourself to the extent necessary for use of the Site Services;
(c) understand that by the posting your personal information you have manifestly made this information public, and this information may become available to other Site users and internet users, be copied and disseminated by them;
(d) understand that some types of information transferred by you to other Site users cannot be deleted by you or us;
(e) are aware of and accept this Privacy Policy.
2.2. We do not check the user information received from you, except where such check is necessary in order for us to fulfill our obligations to you.
2.3. This Privacy Policy applies only to the European Union-based users. If you are not a European Union-based user, please refer to the Privacy Policy applicable in the relevant jurisdiction.
3. Information we collect about you
3.1. In order to implement the agreement between you and us, and provide you with access to the use of the Site functionality, we will improve the Site Services, develop and implement new Site Services, and enhance available Site and services functionality. To achieve these objectives, and in compliance with applicable laws, we will collect, store, aggregate, organise, extract, compare, use, and supplement your data (hereinafter “processing”). We will also receive and pass this data, and our automatically processed analyses of this data to our affiliates and partners as set out in the table below and section 4 of this Privacy Policy.
3.2. We set out in more detail the information we collect when you use our Site Services, why we collect and process it and the legal bases below.