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In general, the rule of this network is not only denouncing, in addition, is not allowing to approve any material has the following content videos.
No piracy, illegal activity promoter videos, uploading videos that have child pornography or women trafficking,
Or any film that has sexually explicit content All not tolerated and will be banned from this website if ever found may be
Any movies video clip promote violence or support group that is labeled as dangerous by international or local laws of any country
will not be allowed as well;

Any harmful content that will cause psychologic damage to individuals or group of people or race, ethnic etc are not allowed here
any form of video or visual content created to start conflict to ant society or considered offensive to any society that disrespect people culture, religion way of life or any has similar effect' is not tolerated.
No any videos allowed to upload that is prohibited by any country law and considered used for propaganda to recruit members or promote agenda that are considered unlawfully

no copyright protected material to be uploaded or shown on this website unless you are fully legally own of the product or script or material can prove by document
You can Put your own price for copy to sell (leave empty for free videos, you can still make money per any Ad's clicked on your videoes. please note that payment per clicks is varied any given time. Please refer to monetization page.) it is not allowed to upload any copyright protected material to this platform,you can post imported videoes from other video sharing website like youtube etc.) no any form of payment to any video has been imported from any social media like youtube and others.
A user will only pay once to access to this video you are about to upload, . Please note that you have to be the full legal owner or legal copyright owner of this video content to get paid, we strongly advise you do not charge user if you are not the full legal owner or copyright owner of this visual content.
We are monitoring the advertisement clicks with advanced technologies. It is illegal and unlawful to make click on your own video which has running advertisements for any financial advantage. You may be denied your remaining balance shown on your account and we may take legal action on you to recoup our loss from any previous payments made one your account. If you do these illegal practices you will be suspended or banned from Etiopix forever. Our decision depends on the outcome of the investigation after we found your involvement in such a practice.